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OCTO-flex keyboard protection is “Made in Germany” and is particularly suitable for use in clinical areas because the entire top surface of the keyboard is sealed, so that no bacteria or particles can get inside the keyboard where hygiene is important. But OCTO-flex is also suitable for use in harsh environments where the keyboards are exposed to dust, splash water or oily fingers. The OCTO-flex keyboard protection films are simply placed on the corresponding keyboard.

In contrast to cheap Asian products made of silicone, we manufacture our OCTO-flex keyboard protector with durable, ultra-resistant polyurethane film. Our OCTO-flex protection solution goes around the sides of the keyboard to ensure perfect protection and to prevent contamination like dust or other particles from getting into the keyboard or notebook. We are constantly expanding our range with new models. If a model is not yet available, we are usually able to manufacture a tool.

The KEY-Protect version is a completely (360°) sealed keyboard. KEY-Protect is IP68 certified and resistant to various disinfectants (see Technical Data). KEY-Protect is suitable for use in the clinical sector as well as in laboratories, schools, universities and industry.

Whether OCTO-flex or KEY-Protect, we supply the ideal solution for hygiene at computer workstations.